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Commercial UV Water Sterilizer(Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer)

Commercial UV Water Sterilizer(Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer)

 Ultraviolet disinfection technology is very expeditious in destroying bacteria. UV energy can destroy bacteria and virus in just about 1-5 seconds. In order to reach the same disinfection effect, it costs about 30 minutes or more contact time by use other chemical methods (Chlorine, Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide).
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Ultra Violet System 75W 5T

UV Sterilizer Features


It takes a few seconds to sterilizing and disinfection at 99.99%.

2.No Two Pollution

UV water sterilizer will not use any chemicals, so it will not pollute the water source.

3.UV Lamp Long Service Life

UV lamp uses 9000 hours , and UV stainless steel chamber overall life of up to 15 years.

4.Broad-spectrum Bactericidal

In the existing sterilization technology, UVC technology has the highest spectrum bactericidal capacity. It can kill almost all bacteria and viruses, and can also kill harmful parasites (such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia), which can not be killed by chlorine or ozone.

5.Wide Range of Applications

UVC technology has a wide range of applications. It can disinfect fresh water, sea water, drinking water and waste water. ultraviolet water sterilizer can be applied in a wide range of water .

6.Advanced Technology

Ultraviolet water sterilizer technology and efficient production by exposure to intense ultraviolet light in the ultraviolet housing, high strength and long life, special design technology, modern preventive medicine, optics, mathematics, biology and physical chemistry based on.

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Flow Rate @ 30mj/cm²

Reactor Size (mm)



Lamp Watts

Inlet/outlet Port

UMK-RUV- 4 0.3 0.07 4 1/4" F Thread
200 51 70
0.5 0.12 6 1/4" F Thread
260 51 70
1 0.23 11 1/4" F Thread
260 51 70
2 0.45 16 1/2" M Thread
375 63 80
6 1.4 25 1/2" M Thread
518 63 90
8 1.8 30 3/4" M Thread
975 63 90
10 2.3 40 3/4" M Thread
890 63 90
12 2.7 40 1" M Thread
920 63 90
12 2.7 55 3/4" M Thread
975 63 90
24 5.5 80 1" M Thread
950 63 90

*The above parameters are only for reference.  We conserve all rights of parameter modification without prior notiication.

Commercial UV Water Sterilizer(Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer)

UV Light

Utraviolet output at 254 nm is called Ultraviolet rays. UVC ray inactivated all known microorganisms, bacterial capabilities, pathogens, viruses and molds, including resistant microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. UV dosimetry in mJ/cm2. The system is usually sized in two ways:

1. Provides a minimum level of UV intensity. This ensures that the UV intensity (UVC light source) at the farthest position size from the UV lamp is the minimum UV system will be provided. This UV dose is called the wall dose.
2. The average dose takes into account the wall dose (the farthest distance from the UV lamp) and the area immediately before the UV light, and the UV output is the maximum. Size calculation method calculates the average dose of the system.

Ultraviolet System

Size of UV Water Sterilizer is based on the quality of the water. An ultraviolet water sterilizer for sizing. Water quality is measured by UVT (UV transmittance). This measures the transparency of water relative to distilled water (which is believed to be 100%). Specifically, this property is measured using a quartz cuvette at a fixed wavelength of 254 nm. If water is of high quality, such as well water, the UTV will be about 95% higher inhibition. If water is of low quality, such as river water, the UVT will be about 80% less inhibited. It should be noted that a drop of several percent of UVT can be of double UV intensity required to provide disinfection of importance.

Typical Application
Typical UVT %
Normal Required Dose
Drinking Water
90% - 95%
25 mJ/cm2 RED - 40 mJ/cm2 RED
Waste Water
50% - 80%
30 mJ/cm2 Wall Dose
Swimming Pools
60 mJ/cm2 Average
85% - 90%
320 mJ/cm2 Average
Rain Water Harvesting - Irrigation
80% - 85%
150 mJ/cm2 Wall Dose
Rain Water Harvesting - Process
80% - 85%
30 mJ/cm2 Wall Dose
Process Water - Towns Mains
30 mJ/cm2
Make-up Water - Towns Mains
30 mJ/cm2
Cooling Loops
70% - 90%
30 mJ/cm2

UV Water Sterilizer Benefit

Wide range of bactericidal effect, the most effective protection
Modular inlet and outlet and sizes to meet your requirements
Water treatment is effective monitoring and fully automatic
Simple operation and maintenance
Very low pressure loss



UV Water Sterilizer Application

Home RO System,Kitchen Water Purification,Whole House UV Sterilizer

Home RO System Kitchen Water Purification Whole House UV Sterilizer

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