UMEK's water treatments products can be used in any application where disinfection is required.

Water Treatment System


Date:Aug 10,2017
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Household RO System、Commercial RO System、Industrial RO System、Water Dispenser、Water Filtration System、Water Purification System


Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is widely used in water treatment field.
Play a key role in UV system in wastewater treatment, city water treatment and drinking water treatment, water treatment, water treatment and other farms, all water treatment system at last security, ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization system provides safe production and living water for us. Provide protection for our health.
Our common low-pressure UV systems are used in household reverse osmosis equipment, water pumps, and commercial reverse osmosis equipment.
Medium pressure ultraviolet technology is our company's independent R & D and production, widely used in large-scale purification systems, large reverse osmosis system. Medium pressure ultraviolet system features: high efficiency sterilization, intelligent control, small size, low cost, easy operation.Application case: brewery, bottled water plant, ship, water plant, power plant


Ozone system application:

Advanced treatment of municipal tap water;
Sewage treatment system;
Reclaimed water reuse treatment system;
Pulp wastewater treatment system;
Wastewater treatment system;
Industrial cooling water treatment system;
Swimming pool and landscape water treatment system;
Water treatment system for pharmaceutical and food industry.

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