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Food &Beverage


Date:May 04,2017
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Frozen food、Cold food、Meat and dairy products、Processing workshop and packaging workshop、Food production、Disinfection of processing workshop and equipment、Vegetable processing and preservation、Surface disinfection、Bottle filling、Aquatic processing、Decompositionof pesticide residues、Cold storage、Air purification、Deodorant

4.Food &Beverage

Advantages of UV disinfection systems in the beverage industry:

UV disinfection does not leave toxins and other substances
The chemical composition, mouthfeel, odour, pH value of the liquid to be disinfected shall not be determined

Application of ultraviolet disinfection system in food and beverage industry:

1. Direct contact with water disinfection

The ultraviolet system disinfects water from food and beverage products and water which is in direct contact with the product. An ultraviolet system can disinfect water without using chemicals or heating it.

2.CIP rinse water disinfection

Automatic UV disinfection system to ensure water rinse does not produce microbial and bacteria pollution again. Medium pressure UV system works better, medium pressure UV system will not be affected by CIP water temperature sudden change.

3. Filtration water disinfection

Water from reverse osmosis and activated carbon filtration, which is used to produce food and drink, is likely to become a breeding ground for bacteria. UV disinfection system to ensure safe production.

4. Dechlorination

The ultraviolet equipment is installed in front of the GAC filter to improve the performance of the GAC filter and prolong the service life of the activated carbon. Reduce operating costs.

5. Syrup disinfection

Molasses is prone to multiply bacteria, and UV disinfection is necessary when processing syrup and diluting syrup.

6. Filling disinfection

The production of bottled water can not be separated from the ozone system, and the end of the filling line is an ultraviolet system is necessary. As the last guarantee of the filling line, ultraviolet  plays an important role in the production of bottled water.


Ozone system

(1) Decomposition of harmful gases to purify air, such as decomposition of second-hand smoke and emissions from factories and automobiles.
(2) In the atmosphere and water to eliminate TB, Escherichia coli, Shigella dysenteriae, micro bacteria and other bacteria.
(3) Decomposition of residual pesticides attached to vegetables and fruits.
(4) Improve the freshness of fish and make it more durable.
(5) Eliminate chlorine in tap water.
(6) Use ozone water to bathe, which has the functions of bleaching, beautifying and health care.
(7) Deodorization of kitchen and toilet.
(8) Purifying wastewater.
(9) Decompose the radiation of TV and computer screen to human body

Ozone system application:

(1) Disinfection and sterilization of processing workshops (Libraries) and processing equipment;

In food factories, ozone system is very convenient and effective for disinfecting food processing facilities, storage rooms and processing equipment

(2) Sterilization space

Frozen food, cold food, meat and dairy products processing workshop and packaging workshop using ozone disinfection effect is good

(3) Surface disinfection and sterilization

In the process of food production, it is necessary to disinfect the surface of raw materials, tools, equipment, packaging, production sites and so on

(4) Disinfection and sterilization of food equipment, containers, tools and production processes;

In the process of production of beverage and juice, ozone water can be used for soaking and washing pipes, production equipment and containers, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization


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