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Swimming Pool&SPAS


Date:May 12,2017
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9.Swimming Pool&SPAS

Swimming pool water is polluted and polluted by swimmers and the environment. In order to ensure the safety of users, it is necessary to disinfect and disinfect the pond constantly in a long-term environment. But the use of chlorine has many disadvantages, so UV disinfection is becoming popular.

Medium pressure ultraviolet sterilizer can produce a full spectrum of ultraviolet radiation, not only has good sterilizing effect, also has a swimming pool in the degradation of chlorine and trihalomethanes (chloramine) three subsidiary role, can effectively improve the water quality of swimming pools; and with low energy consumption, low cost, no two pollution, harmless to the environment and other advantages. Is one of the ideal alternative to traditional chlorine disinfection process.

Medium Pressure Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection System

1) Strong bactericidal activity.

2) Broad-spectrum bactericidal high.

3) During the disinfection process, no toxic and harmful by-products will be produced, and the composition and nature of the sterilized water will not be changed, and no pollution will be produced to the water body and the surrounding environment two times

4) Medium pressure ultraviolet system has the ability to degrade the combined chlorine, including chloramine, two chloramine, three chloramine, etc.

5) Medium pressure ultraviolet disinfection purfieraction system occupies an area of small, safe and reliable operation, simple maintenance and low cost.


Ozone is a powerful oxidant that rapidly kills common Escherichia coli bacteria in the water, such as viruses, amoebae, cysts, etc., and is killed by ozone.

Removal of metal salts and organic compounds by ozone assisted sand filtration

Ozone treatment of swimming pool water can be broadly divided into four major types:

The full flow system (Full-flow).

Divided flow system (Slipstream).

UV-O3 system (UV-Ozone).

Medium Pressure Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection System

Ozonated pool water is very safe to swimmers. It does not give skin etching & eyes, hair fall, eye reddening, & teeth bitterness. 
Ozone works on wide pH range of water.
Ozone in the strongest oxidizing agent & disinfect water very quickly. E.g. ozone is 3000 faster than chlorine.
Ozone reacting with pool water does not create harmful by-products, so called disinfectant bi-products [DBP’s]. These DBP’s are harmful to swimmers, because study shows in one swimming session children’s gulp 150 to 200 ml of water & adults gulp 50-100 ml of pool water.
Ozone oxidizes organic impurities presents in water with swimmers urine & sweat.
Ozone removes color & odor in pool water.
Ozone has a property of micro floatation and as result pool water becomes sparkling clear.
Ozone is produce at site; soil eliminates handling, transportation & storage hazard. After rayon’s study, test & research.


UV System and Ozone System together using in swimming pool

Efficient control of microorganisms

• a significant reduction in chloramine and three halogen methane

High water clarity and excellent water quality.

Indoor air is fresh

Reduce irritation to the skin and eyes

Substances that do not produce adverse health effects to swimmers and staff

Avoid trouble with the use of activated carbon cans and hygiene problems

Reduce the content of free chlorine in water

The factory building has the advantages of small area, easy installation and operation, and simple maintenance

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