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Cooling Tower


Date:May 04,2017
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Iron and steel industry、Chemical industry、Textile industry (chemical fiber, printing and dyeing)、Pharmaceutical industry、Papermaking industry、Service industry (including hospital, Gaestgiveriet Hotel, office building, subway, gymnasium, cinema, etc.)

3.Cooling Tower

Principle ozone water treatment cooling tower

The treatment of circulating cooling water in foreign countries started in the end of 70s, with ozone at that time, the United States Environmental Protection Agency found that the use of chlorine disinfection will produce a variety of carcinogenic chlorinated organic compounds, thus limiting the use of recycled water chlorine disinfection, which directly promote the application of ozone in the United States in the circulation water treatment. Ozone as a water treatment agent, has the advantages of simple operation, strong sterilizing ability, less pollution, which can save energy and water, and without adjusting the pH value of water, there is no two pollution and other advantages, the circulating water corrosion and scaling, etc. have a good effect in killing.

(1) Ozone scale inhibition: 

Scale in circulating cooling water system is a kind of salt substance dissolved in water. It is crystallized and precipitated by constant evaporation and condensation to form scale.

2) Ozone sterilization: 

Ozone oxidizing biocide is the strongest, is recognized as the high pollution biocide, at the concentration of 0.1ppm, can effectively kill bacteria and viruses, and can effectively control the growth of microorganism in circulating water, reduce biofouling and corrosion caused by scaling.

Advantage of ozone water treatment cooling tower

A. Wastewater discharge is reduced by more than 50%;
B. Does not require chemicals, it can fully meet the environmental requirements;
C. Ozone is the best biocide, can effectively kill bacteria and viruses, including Legionella bacteria, remove biological slime, algae, fungi and so on;
D. Uses ozone to reduce corrosion rates by more than 50% (including steel and copper);
E. Because ozone can effectively kill biomass, it can reduce or even remove the dirt on the condenser and heat exchanger. After using ozone, the maximum energy saving can be 16%, and the capacity of the compressor can be increased by 6%;
F. Due to ozone is the manufacturing site, using only the electric and air heads can realize automatic control, without storing and dosing of drugs, which can save the operation and management costs of more than 50%;
G. Investment can be recovered within 6~18 months.


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