UMEK's water treatments products can be used in any application where disinfection is required.


UMEK's water treatments products can be used in any application where disinfection is required.

  • Drinking water
    Drinking water

    Municipal Drinking Water、Potable Water、Purified Water、Mineral Water、Tap Water

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  • Wastwater Treatment
    Wastwater Treatment

    Textile Printing and Dyeing Wastewater、Chemical Wastewater、Pharmaceutical Wastewater、Papermaking Wastewater、Industrial Wastewater、Petroleum Wastewater、Agricultural Wastewater、Electroplating wastewater、Ash Water Treatment、Laundry Wastewater、MunicipalWastewater、Leather Manufacturing Wastewater

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  • Cooling Tower
    Cooling Tower

    Iron and steel industry、Chemical industry、Textile industry (chemical fiber, printing and dyeing)、Pharmaceutical industry、Papermaking industry、Service industry (including hospital, Gaestgiveriet Hotel, office building, subway, gymnasium, cinema, etc.)

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  • Food &Beverage
    Food &Beverage

    Frozen food、Cold food、Meat and dairy products、Processing workshop and packaging workshop、Food production、Disinfection of processing workshop and equipment、Vegetable processing and preservation、Surface disinfection、Bottle filling、Aquatic processing、Decompositionof pesticide residues、Cold storage、Air purification、Deodorant

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  • Laundry

    Ozone sterilization laundry application、Ozone Laundry disinfection、Ozone Pure white, soft clothes、Ozone water sterilizing in hotel、Ozone equipment in Hotel laundry application、Ozone Bed sheets, quilt cover disinfection

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  • Agriculture

    Ozone can prevent all airborne diseases and most soil borne diseases of vegetable, cucumber, green pepper, eggplant and other fruits and vegetables. Ozone can effectively prevent cucumber downy mildew, powdery mildew, anthracnose, vine blight and mosaic virus. It also has preven......

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  • Aquaculture

    Aquarium、Landscape fish pond、Pond、Freshwater aquaculture、Mariculture

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  • Disinfection

    Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, and the sterilization process belongs to biochemical oxidation reaction.

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  • Swimming Pool&SPAS
    Swimming Pool&SPAS

    Swimming Pool、Hotel Swimming Pool&SPAS、Resort Swimming Pool&SPAS、Company Swimming Pool&SPAS、Clubhouse Swimming Pool&SPAS、Gymnasium Swimming Pool、Gymnasium Swimming Pool、Public Swimming Pool

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  • Bottling

    Beer、Red wine、Fruit juice、Drinks、Milk、Soy sauce、Vinegar、Bottled Water、Canned food

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  • Water Treatment System
    Water Treatment System

    Household RO System、Commercial RO System、Industrial RO System、Water Dispenser、Water Filtration System、Water Purification System

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  • Air Purification
    Air Purification

    Medicine / Clean Room、Hospital /ICU / OT / Clinic、Dairy Products / Candy Factory、Poultry Farm、Winery / Food Processing Workshop、Vegetable / Fruit Cold Storage Warehouse (Contact us on 02 4735 5054 or email)

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