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Date:May 12,2017
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UV disinfection system has been used more and more widely in aquaculture and ornamental fish breeding. In aquaculture and aquaculture, there are usually two problems:

1. The reproduction of algae in water
2. Fish diseases
The vast majority of algae and bacterial diseases that cause fish diseases can die within seconds of intense ultraviolet radiation, so these two problems can be properly addressed by ultraviolet sterilization.
Under the irradiation of sunlight or artificial light, algae in water, such as blue-green algae, propagate in large quantities. Algae consume oxygen and nutrients in the water, thereby affecting the normal growth of aquatic animals. UV systems can solve this problem.
In aquaculture, fish diseases are also a frequent problem. Bacterial fish disease in UV system is very effective in killing bacteria caused, such as white spot, under ultraviolet light can kill in seconds.
After the ultraviolet sterilizing system of purified water, bacteria and viruses will be more than 99% killed, so the fish will rarely get sick, so as to improve the breeding production of ornamental fish is clean and sterile water will make the fish more colorful.


Development of aquaculture industry, diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms have occurred frequently, and it is extremely harmful to aquaculture.
Practice has proved that ozone has also been successfully applied in water disinfection, water quality improvement, prevention of diseases in the aquaculture system and detoxification of red tide. Disinfection of biological eggs, disinfection of aquaculture water and disinfection of facilities can prevent pathogens from invading through the ozone sterilizing device. Ozone has strong sterilization and purification of water quality, and non-toxic, is the ideal sterilizing aquaculture and seedling production in purifying agent, prevention and treatment of fish, shrimp, crab, sea urchin, turtle and other biological diseases, improve the ecological environment of aquaculture, is of great significance.
The survival rate of the water treatment seedling with ozone can be improved by more than one time, and a set of equipment can be used for a few years, thereby greatly saving the cost of culture and producing a green environmental protection food.

Ozone system feature:

1. Ozone system can degrade organic matter, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and other substances in water, and kill pathogenic bacteria and plankton in water.

2. Greatly improve the survival rate of fish, shrimp and shellfish breeding and breeding.

3. Obviously improve feed conversion rate, promote growth and increase yield.

4. To avoid water pollution, such as red tide, industrial waste water, sewage and so on.

5. Avoid the pollution caused by the surrounding pond pollution, viruses and cross infection.

6. To avoid deterioration of water quality and pollution at the bottom of the tank.

7. Reduce consumption, reduce production costs.

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